Fraternity Hazing Attorney in Connecticut Fights for Students Injured

When you drop your son or daughter off at college for the first time, it could be the last time you ever see your child again. Many children are killed or are injured as the result of fraternity hazings, intentional misconduct or simply negligence. Sadly, many fraternity deaths and injuries go completely undocumented. As reported in the New York Times on October 13, 2015, “there are no official statistics on fraternity deaths and injuries across United States” As reported in that article, often it is guests of the fraternity that become seriously injured. Dozens of students have died as a result of fraternity activities such as hazing.

As reported on CNN on November 2, 2015, fraternities are not required to post any information about their misdeeds. CNN further reported that almost all college fraternities share only the positive social and charitable aspects of their fraternities A fraternity is by its very nature, a secretive organization.

The so-called prestige of joining a fraternity and the stigma of being rejected by fraternity is often too much of a temptation for young students to ignore. These freshmen are now experiencing unfettered personal freedoms of college. Parents are unable to protect the physical and emotional well-being of their children. Unfortunately, these young students put themselves in the hands of misguided 18 or 19 year old students, often with injuries that are physical and emotional in nature.

Statistically, many injuries that occur on campus are the result of fraternity activity. A recent article in the Atlantic from March 2014 reported that 15% of campus injuries resulted from sexual assault and 7% resulted from hazing. The Atlantic reported that a 19-year-old sophomore, who was a Delta Delta Delta pledge, after a night of drinking, went to a fraternity house where she fell from a third floor window and suffered terrible brain damage.

In 2012, a student at the University of California at Berkeley attempted to climb down the drain pipe at the five Kappa Delta house suffering devastating injuries. A student in Pennsylvania died after a fall from the second-floor balcony at the Alpha Delta house. Countless other devastating injuries have also occurred. There is no nationwide reporting of these injuries or deaths either on the college level or national fraternity level.

The New York Times article reported that hazing deaths can occur from beatings or overdrinking. The Times also reported that the fraternities were secretive about the events and often cover up the facts to protect themselves from discipline or criminal charges such as manslaughter.

As reported on CNN, there are no current laws regarding fraternity hazing.
CNN describes the current state of fraternity responsibility as a patchwork at best.

The Reinken Law Firm urges you to fully educate your child and make them aware of the potential dangers in joining a fraternity or sorority when he or she enters their freshman year.

The lawyers at the Reinken Law Firm are dedicated to obtaining justice for students that are injured or killed as a result of the negligence and or intentional activities of fraternities or sororities. If a family member or loved one has suffered a loss as a result of hazing or other activities at a fraternity house or sorority, our legal team is there to assist you in obtaining justice and a fair monetary award. We will investigate your case and expose the truth. Please contact one of our attorneys and we will confidentially discuss what legal rights are open to you and your family.

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