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Personal injury lawyer in Danbury, Bridgeport & Stamford, CT handles slip and falls occurring on sidewalks

Attorney Eric Reinken works for the town of Greenwich, which gives us at The Reinken Law Firm familiarity with the area and the laws of the city. We use knowledge of Connecticut law governing slip and fall accidents to seek just compensation for residents hurt while visiting stores and other establishments or walking through parking lots or on sidewalks. We handle many personal injury negligence cases and have recovered damages for many clients.

Causes of sidewalk falls

Sidewalks are a common place for trips or falls because of crumbling concrete or asphalt, holes, or the accumulation of ice and snow. We take action to ensure proof of the property owner’s negligence is obtained without breaking the chain of evidence. It is common for us to use affidavits, pictures, videos, police reports or witnesses to support claims.

Different types of parties responsible in sidewalk cases

While slip and fall incidents occurring in stores or privately owned parking lots are usually cause to bring a claim against the property owner or the party responsible for that property, slip and fall accidents on sidewalks may require filing a claim against the municipality that maintains the sidewalk. In most cases, the municipalities bear responsibility for keeping the sidewalks clear of dangerous conditions such as ice and snow. Under Conn. Gen. Stat. § 13a-149, municipalities such as towns or cities are liable for damages caused by a breach of that duty.

Connecticut courts have carved out two exceptions to the rule holding cities and towns responsible for injuries occurring on their sidewalks:

  • The first involves a statute or ordinance that imposes the duty to keep a sidewalk in safe condition on the abutting landowner. State law does give municipalities the authority to impose liability on the owners whose property meets the sidewalk, according to Connecticut General Statutes § 7-163a.
  • The other exception to the general rule addresses situations in which the owner or operator of land abutting the sidewalk takes an action that creates a dangerous situation. An example would be leaving debris on a sidewalk that may be difficult for a pedestrian to see if it snows. If the presence of the debris causes the pedestrian to get injured, the owner of the abutting property may be responsible, not the city or town in which the sidewalk is located.

Most cities and towns have adopted the ordinances permitted by Connecticut General Statutes § 7-163a and many ordinances passed as a result to specifically impose the duty on the landowner to keep sidewalks free of accumulating ice and snow. Thus, if a pedestrian slips and falls on an icy sidewalk outside a store in such a municipality, the store owner may be the responsible party.

Determining the parties liable for your injuries

If you get hurt by falling on a sidewalk, you need an experienced attorney who can sort out the liability issues. Of particular importance is the need, if the responsible party is the city or town where the sidewalk is located, to comply with specific notice requirements for that city. Pursuant to Connecticut General Statutes § 13a-149, notice of the claim, along with a written description of how the injury occurred, must be given within 90 days of the incident to one of several enumerated municipal officials. We provide the advice and guidance you need to comply with this and other legal requirements so you remain eligible to recover damages for your injuries.
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