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Connecticut premises liability attorney aggressively pursues the compensation you deserve

Unsafe premises offer ample opportunity for injury. When premises are unsafe, the risk of an accident increases, and if an accident occurs, the law holds the property or business owner accountable. If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of improperly maintained premises, an experienced premises liability attorney can help. At The Reinken Law Firm, our familiarity with premises liability law enables us to help you in the pursuit of your claim.

What is premises liability?

Under Connecticut law, property and business owners are responsible for the proper maintenance and safety of their premises. In certain circumstances, they may be held accountable even if they claim they had no prior knowledge that a dangerous situation existed on their premises, if the court decides they should have foreseen that an accident might occur. This means property owners may be found liable even if they kept their property properly maintained and repaired. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine if you have a claim for compensation for injuries suffered on someone else’s premises.

What constitutes unsafe premises?

Many conditions can render premises unsafe. For example, cracks and broken pieces of concrete in sidewalks and walkways create safety hazards. A sidewalk that is not broken can still be hazardous if it is not shoveled after a snowfall or de-iced when the temperature drops.

Unsafe premises can also occur inside a building. When a floor is wet, whether as a result of mopping or someone dropping and breaking a container of liquid, a store is responsible for putting warning signs around the area so customers do not slip and fall. If a rug or carpet is improperly fastened to the floor, it causes a dangerous tripping hazard. Unlit stairways can also be hazardous.

These are just a few examples of improperly maintained premises. Anything that creates a safety hazard can render premises unsafe. It is the responsibility of property and business owners to ensure their premises are properly maintained for the safety of customers and other people who use their property.

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