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Parking Lot Falls

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Personal Injury Attorney in Danbury, Bridgeport & Stamford, CT Recovering Damages for Parking Lot Fall Cases

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The Reinken Law Firm in Stamford has succeeded in getting fair and just compensation for many slip and fall clients in Connecticut. While many of these cases occur in department stores or supermarkets, a large number occur in public parking lots outside such stores. We provide extensive experience in prosecuting personal injury cases caused by negligence to help clients obtain just compensation for their injuries when they get hurt in parking lots.

Causes of parking lot falls

Because of the nature and location of parking lots and parking garages, there are numerous causes of parking lot falls, including:

  • Security. Many parking lots do not provide adequate security.
  • Lighting. Dim lighting or faulty light fixtures can result in serious trips or falls.
  • General maintenance. Failure to maintain and repair concrete, asphalt, stairways and other areas of parking garages can play a key role in falls.
  • Icy surface. When ice or snow accumulates in a parking lot, it can cause hazardous conditions for individuals.

Potentially liable parties for parking lot falls

When you are hurt because of an improperly maintained parking lot, there are several potentially liable parties depending on the circumstances of your accident. Common examples include:

  • Owners of grocery stores, clothing stores or other retail chains
  • Landlords
  • Government agencies
  • Snow removal companies that failed to do their job properly

We investigate every possible source to help you obtain full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Parking lot cases represent a unique category of slip and fall cases

The courts that review trial court decisions and issue opinions to those trial courts about how to apply substantive rules of law are split nationally about whether owners and operators of stores bear legal responsibility for injuries sustained by customers outside their stores. Does the duty to maintain safe conditions in the store extend to parking lots outside the store?

The two contrasting views are known as the Massachusetts rule and the Connecticut rule. Both of these states frequently have cold, icy weather, which leads to problems for people getting out of their cars and walking through parking lots. The Massachusetts rule, or natural accumulation rule, releases owners and operators of stores from any liability when customers slip and fall and hurt themselves. On the other hand, the Connecticut rule requires the owner-operators of premises to remove or eliminate all dangerous conditions regardless of their source.

Appellate courts in various states have made differing decisions as to which rule to apply. Of course, the Connecticut rule does apply in the state of Connecticut. Since the owners and operators are required to remove or eliminate dangerous conditions, the failure to do so constitutes a breach of the owner/operator’s duty to customers to provide them with an environment that is free from danger. It is the breach of this duty that enables slip and fall victims to bring their claim against the property owners/operators or their insurance companies.

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