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For almost three decades, attorney Eric Reinken of The Reinken Law Firm has used his depth of knowledge of Connecticut law governing slip and fall cases to obtain just compensation for injured residents hurt while lawfully being on another party’s property. He works for the town of Greenwich, which gives us a familiarity with the area and the laws of the city. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of the case law that sets the standards for proving slip and fall negligence cases in Connecticut. We know how to successfully litigate this type of case.

Connecticut slip and fall laws

Most people assume the only liable party in a slip and fall case is the owner of the property. However, if you are injured in a slip and fall, we investigate all potentially liable parties. Connecticut law provides that a property owner or those who have the care, custody or control over the property owe a duty of care to others visiting the premises to remove, warn of and control hazardous situations. Thus, an individual or entity exercising possession and control over a property can be found liable for your injuries because of defective conditions existing on the property, even without being the owner of the property. The rationale underlying this rule is that sometimes the owner does not control or maintain the premises, and the responsibility may fall to a manager or some other designated person. Someone who is required to be on the property every day is in the best position to make sure the premises are safe for customers or others.

Furthermore, Connecticut law requires proof that:

  • A defect or dangerous condition existed.
  • The property owner or party in charge of the property knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care, should have known of the defect or dangerous conditions.
  • The defect or dangerous condition had been present for such a period of time that the owner or the owner’s agent knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care, should have discovered the defect or dangerous condition in time to remedy it.

We have successfully pursued numerous slip and fall cases on behalf of Connecticut residents. Our knowledge of Connecticut law and skill in bringing these cases has resulted in fair recoveries for our clients in slip and fall cases for many years.

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