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Cracked And Broken Sidewalks

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Danbury, Bridgeport & Stamford Attorney Helping Pedestrians in Connecticut Recover Damages for Injuries Caused by Cracked and Broken Sidewalks

Slip and fall lawyer has the experience and skill to assist injured pedestrians

During the course of his career, attorney Eric Reinken has served Connecticut residents by bringing personal injury negligence actions against the parties who are legally responsible. At The Reinken Law Firm, we diligently work to get victims in slip and fall cases just compensation for their injuries caused by the negligence of others. In most slip and fall cases, the liable party is the private landowner or the person or company in charge of maintaining property. However, for slip and fall cases in which the pedestrian is injured while walking on a cracked or broken sidewalk, the responsible party may be the municipality where the defective sidewalk is located.

Liability of towns and cities for broken sidewalks

Regarding slip and fall cases stemming from cracked or broken sidewalks, the claim must be brought against the municipality responsible for the sidewalk. In most cases, the municipalities bear responsibility for keeping sidewalks clear of dangerous conditions. Under Connecticut law, municipalities (towns or cities) are liable for damages caused by a breach of that duty.

Giving due notice to municipalities

Connecticut General Statute § 13a-149 sets forth certain requirements for giving proper notice to municipalities, including mandating that any person injured because of a cracked or broken sidewalk must, within 90 days of the accident:

  • Provide written notice of the injury to the applicable town, city, corporation or borough
  • Provide a general description of the injury
  • Provide the cause of the injury
  • Provide the time and place where the accident occurred

The notice must be given to a selectman or the clerk of the town, city or borough.

It is necessary for a slip and fall injury claim resulting from a broken or cracked sidewalk to comply with this notice provision of Connecticut law. If you or a loved one is injured as a result of walking on a cracked or broken sidewalk, it is important to retain a personal injury attorney. The Reinken Law Firm can adeptly handle your slip and fall case.

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