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Decades of experience proving negligence

Slip and fall negligence cases are often difficult cases to prosecute, because many of the companies and insurers who defend against such cases take a hardline approach against people injured in these situations. Eric Reinken at The Reinken Law Firm has spent more than two decades successfully representing Connecticut residents against these companies who frequently maintain such claims are frivolous.

Slip and fall cases usually occur at public places such as clothing stores or supermarkets where customers congregate to buy needed products or goods. Sometimes they occur in parking lots that businesses maintain for their customers. We recognize that department stores, grocery stores and other institutions may fight legitimate claims of negligence because many want to discourage potential claimants from even considering bringing a slip and fall case. We can be your advocate and fight for your right to recover for your injuries.

Elements of a negligence claim

In any negligence case, whether it be a slip and fall case or another type, it is necessary to show the following elements:

  • The owner or company in charge of the premises at which the claimant falls has a duty to customers or others legitimately present at the premises.
  • The owner or operator of the premises breached that duty by allowing a condition to exist on the premises that is inherently dangerous or poses a risk to people reasonably using the premises.
  • The dangerous condition causes or leads to the person sustaining an injury while at the premises.
  • The person injured requires certain treatment to address the injuries sustained and incurs other costs, such as loss of wages or income from work, and losses related to domestic functions, such as caring for children or a spouse.

We use affidavits, photographs, videos and police reports, or we can subpoena witnesses to testify in court to establish that negligence caused your injuries.

Experience in negligence cases

We have significant experience pursuing slip and fall negligence claims. With our knowledge of Connecticut case law on the subject, we recognize the standards we must meet to show that a particular dangerous condition, such as oil on a slick floor that is difficult to see, represents a breach of a particular store’s duty to its customers. We can investigate your case and determine if there is sufficient proof to bring a viable claim.

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Proving Negligence