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A Firm that Knows Connecticut Laws Impose Special Rules on Motorcycle Riders

Our detailed knowledge of state motorcycle laws helps injury victims obtain compensation

Some aspects of an accident victim’s case do not differ much whether the victim was in a car or on a motorcycle. However, there are many laws in Connecticut that govern motorcycle riding. Some of these can have a real effect on a personal injury case resulting from a motorcycle accident. The legal team at The Reinken Law Firm can review the facts of your bike crash and help you understand how the laws apply to your case.


Connecticut’s motorcycle laws

When riding a motorcycle in Connecticut, there are many different laws that may come into play:

  • Licensing. If you have a motorcycle license from another state, you can use it to get a driver’s license for motorcycles in Connecticut. But a Rider Ed card, proof of completion of a course in another state, from a different jurisdiction is not transferable.
  • Headlights. Headlights are not required to be used on a motorcycle less than 90cc when riding off-road, but they are required on other vehicles, and for motorcycles manufactured after 1980, it is mandatory even for daytime riding.
  • Eye protection. Goggles or other protective eye wear is required when on the road.
  • Handlebar height. The handlebars on a motorcycle cannot be higher than the rider’s shoulders.
  • Helmet. Helmets are required for drivers under 18 years of age and for instructional drivers.
  • Two motorcycles in same lane. Connecticut law does permit two motorists to share one lane next to each other.
    Turn signals. Turn signals are not required, although motorcyclists must use hand signals if the motorcycle lacks them.


These state laws may affect a personal injury case involving a motorcycle. If you have been injured, you need a motorcycle accident attorney with deep knowledge of these laws who can anticipate problems with the case and prepare accordingly. Attorney Eric Reinken has years of experience handling these types of cases and a track record of successfully obtaining compensation for his clients.


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