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Injuries due to fire can be traumatic and frightening. The Reinken Law Firm understands the toll fire accidents can take on a family due to high medical bills, lost earnings and other issues. Our experienced and skilled personal injury attorney will work hard to ensure you get every benefit you deserve and need.

What to do Following a Fire Accident

  • Get medical attention for yourself and anyone else involved.
  • Contact an experienced and skilled construction accident attorney. They will help you as you call your insurance company to report the loss and learn what may be recovered.
  • Make sure you keep damaged items for insurance claims or take photos of the damaged or destroyed items. These documents help you prove the fire was the source of the loss.

The Reinken Law Firm

Fires can take place as a result of faulty wiring, incorrect placement of appliances and many other factors. The results of a fire accident can entirely devastate a person’s life. It is important to know the main cause of the accident to improve the chances of the financial compensation for the injuries or damages.

Here at Reinken Law Firm we do things differently. We try to understand and study the root cause of accidents. We have connections with experts working in the field of chemicals and other explosives who provide us guidance in fire cases. We have been able to use the resources provided by these experts, and have successfully helped clients get the compensation that they deserved.

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