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Motorcycle Accident Compensation Attorney in Stamford, Bridgeport & Danbury Recovering the Full Measure of Damages for Those Hurt in Motorcycle Accidents

Experienced Stamford, Bridgeport & Danbury attorney seeks to get accident victims fully compensated

In motorcycle accident cases, insurance companies tend to take a hard-line approach. They are more likely to deny a person hurt while riding a motorcycle compensation for their injuries. They assume that if you were riding a motorcycle, the accident had to be your fault. But this is often not the case. Frequently, another motorist bears responsibility for the accident. At The Reinken Law Firm, we focus on proving the fault of other drivers.

Proving your case

An injury attorney handling such matters can establish how the responsible party negligently, or in some cases, recklessly, caused the accident. This exercise in proving liability is step one in the process of securing fair compensation. Next, we must show the full extent of compensation the victim deserves under the law. Frequently, when an injured party or family member initially retains counsel, the victim is still getting treatment for injuries. Hence, it is not often clear for some time exactly how serious the injuries are and what kind of future treatment, if any, is going to be necessary.

Pursuing compensation for your injuries

After a victim in a motorcycle accident case finishes treatment, an injury attorney can tally the medical bills to determine the client’s past medical damages related to the accident. But you should not wait until that point to assert a claim for personal injuries against the insurance company. We put the insurance company on notice much earlier, if possible, that you have a claim and that you are seeking medical treatment for your expenses related to the accident. At the time that all of your damages – the money you are entitled to recover — is determined, we submit a demand to the insurance company seeking he stated amount.

The insurance company has some choices here. It can deny liability completely, in which case, we can immediately file suit if you want to challenge that decision. We include all potentially liable parties in the lawsuit, including the negligent driver, the applicable insurance company, third parties and any other party responsible for your accident. Once in court, we need to prove liability on the part of the responsible party and the level of appropriate compensation.

If the insurance company admits that its insured driver was responsible, then it may not be necessary to file a lawsuit. Negotiations between us and the adjuster for the insurance company then revolve just on the question of damages. How much does the injured party deserve to receive under the law? The overwhelming percentage of motorcycle accident cases get settled during this stage, which may be lengthy. If no agreement can be reached, we can file suit before the two-year statute of limitations in Connecticut expires. At that stage, unless settled in the interim, a jury or judge decides the level of compensation, if any, that should be paid to the injured party.

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