Police officers may face work related injuries quite often as they are required to work under unique conditions and serious life threatening situations.

Accidental Injuries and Communicable Diseases

Police officers may suffer injuries that happen accidentally. For example, a police officer who is on patrol may face dangerous driving situations that may cause him serious injuries. Also, they are susceptible to many communicable diseases due to the nature of their work. In crime scenes, they might have the chance to get exposed to certain communicable disease due to the presence of bodily fluids.

On-Duty Injuries

Police officers face many life threatening situations while trying to keep our communities safe. They often face dangerous situations that may cause them serious injuries. Although they wear protective gear, police officers may get injured while encountering criminals with weapons.

Compensation for Police Officers

Police officers have the right to file workers’ compensation after they get involved in a work related injury. They need to immediately seek medical attention for the injuries caused. The injury may potentially result in lost wages, an increase in medical expenses and other rehabilitative services. It is important to seek workers’ compensation to meet financial needs.

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Police Officers Injured On The Job