Young drivers are a high-risk group whose relative inexperience behind the wheel combined with the impulsiveness of youth makes them more likely to be involved in car crashes. Vehicle safety features reduce crash risk when paired with safe driving. To gain the maximum benefit from safety features, young drivers must focus first and foremost on developing safe driving habits and refining their driving skills.

The number of car accidents among young drivers is increasing. In 2011, nearly 2,650 teenagers aged 16-19 died and 292,000 people suffered injuries in motor vehicle crashes. There are various factors which contribute to car accidents among young drivers and being aware these factors can help young drivers avoid car crashes.

The following factors contribute to car accidents among young drivers:

Distracted driving: Texting and using electronic devices while driving causes 25% of all car crashes. Young drivers are more likely to use mobile phones while driving than the older drivers.  Research has shown that 80% of young drivers make or receive calls while driving.

Risky behavior: Teens are more likely to exhibit risky actions like ignoring traffic signals or school zone signs, and changing lanes without checking for blind spots. This risk taking behavior puts young drivers at high risk for car crashes.

Speeding: According to NHTSA, speeding leads to 37% of fatal crashes involving young drivers. Young people may be not familiar with the effects of speeding on their response time. They exceed the speed limit on residential roads and highways, leading to serious car crashes.

Overcrowding the car: Young drivers frequently overcrowd their cars. This leads them to drive aggressively, and they are at risk of getting involved in a car accident.

Driving under the influence: According to NHTSA, 73% of young drivers have been killed after drinking and driving.

Inexperience: Driving is a complex skill which takes experience to master. Young drivers may not recognize hazardous conditions on roads due to inexperience. Research has shown that young drivers are more inattentive, and many are not able to react quickly enough when they encounter dangerous driving conditions.

Night driving: Young drivers tend to think that roads are quieter at night and hence safer for speeding. But night driving requires more care and attention due reduced visibility and a greater likelihood of drunk drivers and pedestrians on the roads.

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