Getting injured and having to endure the accompanying physical and emotional pain and suffering can be extremely stressful. If you are thinking about hiring a lawyer to help you get justice and receive compensation, you will want to find someone who is the right fit for you and any potential lawsuit you may file. Below are some qualities that are important when looking for the right legal counsel.

  • Communication: Your attorney should provide a basic description of your claim and inform you beforehand of any potential pitfalls, how those pitfalls will be handled, and the procedures, protocol and deadlines involved in filing a lawsuit. Attorneys, or their legal teams, should be available to answer your calls and respond to all your questions.
  • Competency: Your attorney should have the appropriate training, education and experience to handle your claim. For example, a lawyer that specializes in divorce cases may not have sufficient experience to handle a personal injury case.
  • Ethics: There are five basic ethical laws that attorneys should abide by. These are: to loyally represent their clients, keep their clients’ confidentiality, represent their clients competently, represent their clients lawfully and put their clients’ interests above their own.

When you decide to hire a lawyer, your fee agreement should be in writing and should outline how you will be billed. If you agree to pay a contingency fee, which is a percentage of the settlement if you win, find out how that fee will be calculated. Your lawyer should also remind you that you are in charge. He or she should tell you what to expect and when, the most important elements of your case, help you make decisions regarding the best course of action to take, explain any procedural delays, let you know what kind of settlement to expect in your specific claim and explain the risks involved with going to court versus settling through negotiation. The attorney will need to prepare you for your deposition as well as what to expect if the case goes to trial.

Choosing the right lawyer is vital to a successful outcome in a legal claim. Make sure you have the right representation by hiring the Reinken Law Firm. We have decades of experience in handling personal injury and other claims, and will stand beside you through the entire legal process. There is no legal fee unless and until you win your case or reach a settlement. Contact us now.

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