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What to Do If Your Surgery Was Botched

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What to Do If Your Surgery Was Botched

The World Health Organization created a checklist for surgeons to prevent surgical errors because it is estimated that in the US, surgeons operate on 200 to 300 wrong patients each year. Close to 2,500 patients have had the wrong part of their body operated on and patients have died because surgeons have removed the wrong organ or left surgical instruments in the body cavity.

There have been studies indicating that almost 75% of surgical errors happen during the surgery, with the other injuries happening during pre-operative or post-operative care. The following surgical errors are the most commonly encountered in medical malpractice cases:

  • Leaving objects in the patient’s body
  • Nerve damage
  • Punctured organs
  • Infections
  • Anesthesia failures or miscalculations resulting in a lack of oxygen and leading to brain damage or death.

The symptoms of surgical errors can be intense pain at the surgical site, fever, pain when urinating, vomiting, abdominal pain and redness or swelling near surgical wounds or ports. Assuming that any of these symptoms are from the surgery itself and simply a part of the healing process may be incorrect. It is a good idea to ask your surgeon what you might be expected to feel immediately after the operation and in the following days and weeks.

Millions of Americans live with medical devices that are implanted during routine surgeries. Unfortunately, some of these devices are not clinically tested before reaching the consumer market. It is the product’s sales representative who commonly shows the surgeon how to implant the device during surgery. These devices can result in surgical errors if the surgeon is unfamiliar with it. For example, breast implants can puncture and cause infection and surgical meshes can grow into the organs of the body and cause infection and pain because the body will want to reject the implant. This may result in extra surgeries and more time lost from work.

Any of these surgical errors can cause severe illness, disease, infection and death. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured or has died due to surgical errors of any kind, you should have a knowledgeable and effective personal injury attorney by your side to help you receive compensation. Don’t wait to contact the personal injury attorneys at the Reinken Law Firm for assistance. We have been winning compensation and getting justice for our clients for many years and we can help you too.

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